Beautifully Sleek on the Outside

  • Two piece fiberglass body is both elegant and durable; the top half overlaps the bottom for a nice watertight seal.
  • Anti-trolley top & fiberglass beams provide amazing structural integrity without interior support poles; roof vents and fixtures are concealed from side view for a sleek elegant look.
  • Wheel wells are molded into the bottom half for a leak free ride and sleek look.
  • Our door follows the contours of the shell for aerodynamics at high speed, and for an attractive look.  The screen door opens in, and folds flat out of the way when not in use.
  • Fiberglass construction means easy maintenance, just as with a boat or plane
  • Integral bike rack receiver on the rear of the trailer.
ParkLiner Egg Camper Tour 1Fiberglass Egg Camper Tour 2Fiberglass Egg Camper Tour 3Fiberglass Egg Camper Tour 4ParkLiner Egg Camper Tour 5ParkLiner Egg Camper Tour 6
  • Smooth clean lines for aesthetics and aerodynamics.