The ParkLiner Story

The Back Story

Chandler’s been camping for decades.  (Not that he’s over the hill or anything.)

Tent camping from the Everglades to the rivers of northern British Columbia.  Some pretty rigorous stuff.  Then a family comes along . . . You know how it goes.  Camping gets a little more complicated.

But a love of the outdoors that wouldn’t die, combined with a laughable inclination to avoid inconvenience, got Chandler to thinking about ….


Yes, Chandler bought a brand spanking new compact fiberglass camping trailer from one of those competing companies.

Not bad.  It got the family out there.  But not great, either.  Wasted space.   Peeling plastic trim.  Leaks.  Repeated blows to the head.  (Tall men, you know what we mean.)

And you know, it just wasn’t beautiful.

This One’s Personal

All that got Chandler thinking about . . .

A better camper.  A camper the way he would make it if he could design one for his own family, from the ground up.

In fact, being a designer and inventor at heart, that’s exactly what Chandler did.  He thought about it for years . . . while camping in that other trailer.  He thought about the little details.  He thought about the materials.  He thought about the look.  He thought about lightness and efficiency.  (He doesn’t own a heavy pickup to tow it.)  And yes, he thought about headroom.

You’ve dreamed like that, too.  But Chandler actually did it.

Other ultralight camper trailers have inherited and tweaked decades-old designs. Starting in 2007, Chandler designed the ParkLiner from the ground up to fit his conception of everything that might be possible in such a small space.  Oddly enough, he started with the unique “Magic Table” folding table design.  From there, painstakingly laying out every detail and personally hand-crafting a fiberglass plug for a mold, Chandler invested his time, his love, and his energy into ParkLiner.

The result speaks for itself.  The graceful lines, efficiency, and strength of the Parkliner have more in common with a fine sailboat than with most camping trailers.  Indeed, the ParkLiner is the sleek sailboat of the ultralight camper class. It’s quite simply the best ultralight camper you can get for the size.

Extraordinary interior features that only Chandler could imagine and figure out how to fit gracefully into this small space.  Two comfortable seating areas; a couple doesn’t have to fold away the queen bed in order to sit down to coffee and breakfast.  Far more cabinet space that the competition.  A “vanishing bunk bed” so that the ParkLiner can sleep up to four―and that’s before you put the little one in a sleeping bag on the floor.  (By amazing coincidence, Chandler has 4 children.)  A “no head wounds” 6’ 5” ceiling height.  And no plastic trim.

Hitch-and-go convenience.  What with work and family, Chandler can’t be spending days “kitting up” for the next camping trip.  With the ParkLiner’s ample storage, Chandler can leave his trailer equipped and ready.  Grab the kids, grab a few clothes and the bathing suits, and they’re gone.  Nice.

And speaking of going, did we mention that Chandler doesn’t own a heavy pickup?  Doesn’t own one and doesn’t want one; he likes maneuverable easy-to-park vehicles, and doesn’t want to bankrupt himself feeding gas to a guzzler.  So while perfecting the design, he also brought the ParkLiner in underweight, and nice and narrow.  At about 2100 pounds, the ParkLiner is the lightest trailer of its size that we know of.  No need to buy that heavy truck.  Probably no need to buy anything you don’t already have; most SUVs, minivans, and full size cars can tow the ParkLiner.  The first rate engineering, short wheel base, and narrow profile, leave you able to pass trucks and drive mountain roads with confidence.  Enjoy fast food drive-throughs too.  So you can enjoy the great outdoors while going easy on the environment (and on your bank account).

Oh, and did we mention its sleek, elegant lines?

“But What About Me?”

“Well that’s all very nice for Chandler,” you say, “but what about me?”

The truth is, hand-crafting a completely new trailer design from the ground up is a little pricey.  And besides, when you’ve created something this nice, you want to share it and show it off.

So Chandler started the ParkLiner company, so that you can have one, too.  Custom built with the options you want.   Even the fabric of your choice on the comfortable cushions and the curtains, if that’s what you want.  It’ll be your trailer.  In fact, you’ll probably start thinking you designed it yourself, from the ground up . . .

Simply the best, most pleasurable, low-impact ultralight camping experience you can have.  And at this price, you can have it.

Get out there.

Take me somewhere fun!